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Title: Brinicle (SOLD)

"Brinicle" is not merely an artwork but a portal to the profound depths of mathematical elegance and natural wonder. Created in 2021 by Pardesco, this original Julia Set wood carving stands as a testament to the symbiotic dance between disciplined technique and the untamed beauty of organic forms.

Crafted with the precision of state-of-the-art CNC machining, "Brinicle" is a celebration of the Julia Set's enigmatic allure—a timeless mathematical concept that has captured the imagination of thinkers and dreamers alike. The carving's sinuous contours and delicate textures are a meticulous echo of fractal geometry, inviting the viewer on a visual odyssey through patterns that are as eternal as the cosmos itself.

Each swirl and whorl in this piece is a homage to the tidal pools of the artist's childhood in Costa Rica, where the symmetry of nature's designs first whispered the secrets of the universe to him. The aspen hardwood, treated with an antique gel stain and finished with a satin topcoat, lends a warmth and depth that belies the wood's natural origins, much like the brinicles that form in the heart of the ocean's embrace.

"Brinicle" is more than an object of beauty; it is a conversation starter, a conundrum wrapped in wood, a piece of fractal art that invites contemplation and introspection. Let it be the centerpiece that animates your space, stirring dialogue and inspiring wonder in all who encounter its intricate majesty.

Dimensions: 12"x20"

Medium: 3/4" Aspen hardwood, antique gel stain, satin topcoat

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