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Patterns, Numbers & Forms

     The seed that would later spark Pardesco was planted in a tiny studio at DAAP - the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning while designer and artist Randall Morgan finished the final months of his architecture program. Randall began to study sacred art and how ancient symbols were incorporated into art and architecture over the centuries. Fueled by a fascination with the hidden symbolism and mathematical marvels like the Golden Ratio, he became absorbed with the way sacred geometry occurs in nature - the spiral of a snail's shell, the branches of an old oak tree, and the crystalline perfection of a snowflake.
     As Randall’s passion for sacred geometry continued to grow, he began to create his own designs using the latest and most advanced computer aided design techniques. It was then that Pardesco was born. Randall continues to create one-of-a-kind spiritually elevated artwork using cutting edge computer aided manufacturing techniques like laser cutting, CNC milling, and 3D printing that lend ultra high precision and perfection to his designs.
     The popularity of Pardesco has grown immensely, and the sacred geometry art has found homes in 27 countries. Pardesco creations can be found bringing peace and spiritual inspiration to yoga studios, meditation spaces, spiritual retreat centers, boutique hotels and thousands of homes around the world.

Randall Morgan

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