About Pardesco

about pardesco

Pardesco, the creative endeavor of Randall Morgan, merges the intricate patterns of sacred geometry with the innovative frontiers of computational art and new media. Transcending traditional media, Randall embraces dynamic capabilities like digital art, computer animation, and 3D printing. His pieces embody a captivating interplay between algorithmic autonomy and meticulous craftsmanship, delving into themes of interconnectedness, technological evolution, and the profound spiritual facets of the digital age.

His artworks invite a contemplative dialogue between the viewer and the vast potentials of AI, prompting reflection on the future of creativity in our increasingly entwined world with technology. Pardesco's portfolio celebrates the transformative power of art in the era of machine learning, showcasing how generative and computational techniques can narrate the unfolding story of our symbiotic relationship with the digital realm.