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About Pardesco

Pardesco is a manifestation of the artistic and design talent of Randall Morgan. It all started in the studio at the College of DAAP in 2018, where Randall was completing the final months of his architecture program. As a student of design, Randall was always fascinated by the world of art and architecture, and was especially intrigued by the concepts of symmetry and the golden ratio as they appeared in ancient structures. This fascination soon evolved into a passion, and Randall began to experiment with Sacred Geometry designs using his CAD knowledge.

With the creation of his first Sacred Geometry design, Pardesco was born. Over the years, Randall's work has grown in popularity and he has established himself as a talented and innovative artist, shipping his work to over 27 countries around the world.

Today, Pardesco's spiritually elevated artwork can be found in thousands of homes, yoga studios, and meditation spaces, bringing peace, beauty, and inspiration to people everywhere. Whether you're an art lover, an architect, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of Sacred Geometry, Pardesco is a name you won't want to miss.


Randall Morgan

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Pardesco's Roots

The name "Pardesco" has its roots in the digital entrepreneurship class that Randall took as an undergraduate studying architecture. During this class, he teamed up with a friend and fellow architectural classmate named Nolan Dalman to create laser cut svg files which they sold online for a project. The name was initially chosen as an abbreviation for "Parametric Design Co."

After the class was over, Randall continued working on Pardesco and started creating laser cut sacred geometry artwork in 2018. He built a successful Etsy shop that quickly gained traction, selling thousands of unique and beautifully crafted pieces. Today, Pardesco has evolved into a creative platform that explores the intersection of mathematics, technology, and art, showcasing the beauty and elegance of 4D geometry in a whole new way.


Experience the beauty of Sacred Geometry with Pardesco's original artwork. Browse our collection and discover the unique blend of mathematical precision and spiritual depth in his pieces.

Then, dive deeper into Pardesco's art by reading his artist statement, where you will learn more about his creative process and inspiration behind his work.