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About Pardesco

Artist Randall Morgan (Pardesco)

Pardesco is the artistic expression of Randall Morgan, a visionary artist and designer whose passion for sacred geometry, architecture, and spirituality has culminated in a unique and captivating body of work.The journey began in 2018 when Randall was completing his architecture program at the College of DAAP. His fascination with symmetry, the golden ratio, and their appearances in ancient structures led him to explore sacred geometry through his CAD skills.

From the creation of his first sacred geometry design, Pardesco was born. Over time, Randall's work gained international recognition, with his art pieces now proudly displayed in homes, yoga studios, and meditation spaces across 27 countries worldwide.

Today, Pardesco's spiritually inspired artwork continues to captivate and inspire, blending mathematical precision with profound spiritual depth, resonating with art enthusiasts, architects, and sacred geometry aficionados alike.

Pardesco's Origins

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The name "Pardesco" emerged from Randall's time as an undergraduate student in a digital entrepreneurship class, where he collaborated with fellow architectural classmate Nolan Dalman. Together, they developed laser-cut SVG files for a project, and "Pardesco" was coined as an abbreviation for "Parametric Design Co."

After completing the course, Randall continued to nurture and grow Pardesco, focusing on crafting laser-cut sacred geometry artwork. He established a successful Etsy shop, which quickly gained traction and sold thousands of intricately designed and expertly crafted pieces. Today, Pardesco has evolved into a creative platform that explores the intersection of mathematics, technology, and art, showcasing the elegance and beauty of 4D geometry in innovative ways.

Discover Pardesco's Art

Pardesco AI Art

"In Every Shape, a Universe; In Every Line, a Journey" 

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of sacred geometry through Pardesco's original artwork. Browse our collection and experience the unique fusion of mathematical precision and spiritual depth that defines each piece.

To delve deeper into the creative mind of Pardesco, read Randall's artist statement, where he shares insights into his artistic process and the inspiration behind his work. Join us on this journey of discovery, where mathematics and spirituality unite in a celebration of beauty, harmony, and the mysteries of the universe.