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Growth Spiral II

Growth Spiral II

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Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Growth Spiral II

Growth Spiral II is a mesmerizing one-of-a-kind logarithmic spiral wood wall art carving, crafted by the highly skilled artist, Pardesco. This captivating piece showcases the allure and intricacy of the logarithmic spiral, a mathematical curve that manifests in various forms throughout nature, such as the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower or the elegant shape of a nautilus shell.

This exquisite wall art is made from expertly carved wood, highlighting a striking and detailed design that flows and swirls across the surface. Pardesco masterfully manipulates the wood, utilizing its natural grain and color to create depth and dimension within the piece.

Growth Spiral II transcends its function as a visually stunning object, inviting contemplation and reflection through its artistic expression. Pardesco infuses the piece with a sense of wonder, using the logarithmic spiral to delve into the intricate patterns and rhythms found in the natural world.

This unique wall art is an essential addition to the collection of any fine art enthusiast or those intrigued by the intersection of mathematics, art, and science. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of artistic history, brought to life by the talented Pardesco.

Size: 18x24"

Material: 3/4" Aspen hardwood, gel stain, satin topcoat

fractal wall art, unique fractal spiral artwork, pardesco



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