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64 Tetrahedron Wall Art

64 Tetrahedron Wall Art

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64-Tetrahedron Wall Art

This 64-Tetrahedron wall art. Made from eco-friendly and strong plywood material, this wall art showcases the beauty and complexity of the 64-Tetrahedron, a sacred geometric figure that is believed to hold spiritual significance.

Each piece is laser cut, showcasing the intricate and detailed nature of the 64-Tetrahedron. The artist has expertly manipulated the wood, using the natural grain and color to add depth and dimension to the piece. The laser cut design creates a sense of movement and flow, inviting contemplation and reflection on the mysteries of the universe.

But this wall art is more than just a beautiful home decor addition - it's also a work of art that promotes balance and harmony. The 64-Tetrahedron is a complex geometric figure made up of 64 interconnected tetrahedra and is thought to promote balance and harmony.

This eco-friendly and unique wall art is a must-have for any collector of fine art or anyone interested in spirituality and sacred geometry. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of art history.

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