64 Tetrahedron Sculpture

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64 Tetrahedron Sculpture

This one-of-a-kind 64-tetrahedron sculpture is a true masterpiece. Created by a skilled artisan, this sculpture captures the beauty and complexity of the 64 tetrahedra, a geometric figure made up of 64 interconnected tetrahedra.

Made from gleaming copper, the sculpture is a true testament to the artist's talent and attention to detail. Every line of the 64 tetrahedron has been meticulously crafted, creating a sense of depth and movement that is truly mesmerizing.

But this sculpture is more than just a beautiful object - it's also a thought-provoking work of art that invites contemplation and reflection. The artist has imbued the piece with a sense of wonder, using the 64 tetrahedra to explore the interconnectedness of all things and the fundamental unity of the universe.

Size:  1.25" x 1.52" x 1.43"

Material: Copper