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Vesica Piscis Wall Art

Vesica Piscis Wall Art

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Vesica Piscis Wall Art

This Vesica Pisces Wall Art transforms your space into an oasis of tranquility and peace. This sacred art can help create an energy of happiness and well-being in your home, office, studio, or mediation space. It makes a perfect gift for a loved one and will bless them with joy and peace for years to come. 

What is the Vesica Piscis?

The Vesica Piscis is a geometric shape that is formed by the intersection of two circles. It is shaped like an almond or a fish, and it is often used as a symbol in art, architecture, and various spiritual traditions.

In the context of sacred geometry, the Vesica Piscis is often seen as a symbol of unity, balance, and harmony, and it is believed to represent the intersection of the spiritual and the physical worlds. The Vesica Piscis is also believed to have a number of other symbolic associations, including representing the divine, the feminine principle, and the union of opposites.

The Vesica Piscis is often depicted in art and architecture, and it is also used as a meditation and visualization tool in various spiritual practices. It is a beautiful and captivating symbol that continues to inspire and fascinate people all over the world.


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