Transcendental Forms

Transcendental Forms

Transcendental Forms: A Journey Through Consciousness in the Cosmos

Series Overview

"Transcendental Forms: The AI Enigma Series" invites viewers from all backgrounds to experience the fusion of art, technology, and spirituality. Whether you're drawn to the mystical allure of sacred geometry, intrigued by the capabilities of AI in art, or simply captivated by the transcendent beauty of the cosmos, this series offers something for everyone. Join us in this journey through time, space, and consciousness, and witness how Pardesco continues to redefine the boundaries of digital art.

The series explores themes of consciousness in the cosmos. It includes 5 1/1 pieces created over 2023.

Creative Process & Tools

I used the following tools and techniques to create this series:

  • Midjourney v5.2
  • Magnific

I used my own geometric art (rendering of polytope created in Blender) as an input image alongside a text prompt in Midjourney to generate the final images. The same prompt was used for each image after hundreds of generations.

Highlighting Specific Works

Eclipse of Infinity

Witness the breathtaking moment in "Eclipse of Infinity" as a celestial dance unfolds, casting the world into a harmonious alignment. Here, the fiery orb of an eclipsed sun commands the center of a universe in motion, surrounded by a symphony of interlacing arcs that whisper the secrets of the cosmos. This artwork is an invitation to gaze beyond the horizon, where the marvels of the sky converge in a spectacle of cosmic unity.

Dawn of Symmetry

"Dawn of Symmetry" emerges as a pinnacle piece within the "Transcendental Forms" series. Here, the viewer is drawn into a moment of cosmic inception, where the warmth of a nascent sun pierces through the intricacies of sacred geometry. This artwork encapsulates the series' theme of harmonizing the profound with the visual, guiding the observer through a meditative journey of light and form.

Sanctum of Enlightenment

"Sanctum of Enlightenment" is an evocative piece from Pardesco's "Transcendental Forms" series. It illustrates a solitary figure bathed in the radiant glow of a sun-like orb, surrounded by the majestic architecture of knowledge. The warm, fiery hues of sacred geometry envelop the figure, symbolizing a transformative journey of the mind and spirit.

To immerse yourself further in "Transcendental Forms" and explore Pardesco's other digital artworks, visit the online gallery. Select works are available as 1/1 NFTs on the Solana blockchain. As you engage with these thought-provoking pieces, Pardesco welcomes your feedback and insights, fostering a dialogue about consciousness in the cosmos.

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