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Original Fractal Wall Art: Jiva

Original Mixed Media Sculpture

'Jiva' by Pardesco

Jiva is a mixed media sculpture that merges the chaos of fractal geometry with a polychoron (four dimensional polytope). The term Jiva originates from the Sanskrit root jīv, which translates as 'to breathe' or 'to live'. This piece was created as a tribute to mathematicians both past, present and future who share an interest in geometry and higher dimensional spaces.

Size: 14" x 18" 

Material: Sterling silver, hardwood, gel stain

Shipping: Items are handmade in Ohio. We ship international and all of our original artwork is fully insured during transit to your door. Shipping times can vary but usually will be 3-5 days within the USA and 2-4 weeks international.

rectified icosatetrachoron drawing by pardesco, this is the sculptural element in the original artwork "Jiva"

The above is a drawing represents a 4-dimensional polytope. This model consists of 288 edges and 96 vertices. Its technically known as rectified icositetrachoron. Learn more about 4D geometry on our blog post.

Custom fractal design by Pardesco 2022. Learn more about fractal art on our blog post.