4D Geometry and AI Art in Claire Silver's AI Contest 7

Exploring the Beauty of 4D Geometry and AI Art in Claire Silver's AI Contest 7


Claire Silver, a pioneering figure in the AI art space, has launched her AI Contest 7, challenging participants to embrace their childhood creativity and explore the boundless possibilities of AI-generated art. With her inspiring call to action, Claire encourages artists to dive down rabbit holes of interest, mixing and matching AI tools to create something truly unique and captivating.

The "4D Entity" Submission

For this contest, I am excited to present my submission titled "4D Entity," a mesmerizing exploration of 4D geometry fused with an AI-generated kaleidoscopic overlay. This seamlessly looping video is a playful yet captivating journey into the beauty of higher dimensions and the joy of learning through AI art.

The Creative Process

The process behind "4D Entity" involved several steps and the use of multiple AI tools:

  1. Exported PNG sequences of 4D rotations of a 24-cell from Stella4D
  2. Compiled sequences in After Effects, creating a collage of 4D views
  3. Exported the initial MP4 and uploaded it to RunwayML Gen-1 to experiment with styles
  4. Overlaid the AI-generated video in After Effects, applying blending styles suggested by Claude 3

The result is a mesmerizing 3-second loop in 1920x1080 portrait orientation that fuses 4D geometry with AI-generated visuals, celebrating the joy of learning and experimentation in the realm of AI art.

Admiration for Claire Silver

I have great admiration for Claire Silver and her tireless efforts in moving the AI art space forward. Her dedication to building a sense of community is truly refreshing in the web3 space, and her AI contests have become a platform for artists to push boundaries and explore the infinite possibilities of AI-generated art.

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