4D Geometric Wall Art

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4D Geometric Wall Art

The geometry of higher dimensions can be absolutely breathtaking, that's why we created the 4D geometric wall art set. Higher dimensional geometry satisfies both the right and left brain hemispheres making it even more blissful to have in your home. 

Set of 4 includes: 5-Cell, 8-Cell, 16-Cell and 334-family polytopes.

>Size : 

6” x 6” x 0.125”   per piece

(15.25cm x 15.25cm x 0.3cm)

10” x 10” x 0.125”  per piece

(25.4cm x 25.4cm x 0.3cm)


Made from eco-friendly Baltic birch wood using lasers and love!

>Made to order:

Each Sacred geometry wall art set is made to order in Cincinnati, Ohio. 1-2 weeks processing time. We are grateful for your support!

>Pardesco’s Guarantee 

Are we devoted to creating the highest quality sacred geometry wall art in the world? YES! We absolutely are.

We back up our offerings with a 30-day money back guarantee and if anything goes wrong in transit to your door - we cover that too. You can contact us at any time through the link at the bottom of our web page.