4D Geometry Technical Drawings

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4D Geometry Technical Drawings

4D Geometry Technical Drawings 

These detailed pen on paper technical drawings of the 120-cell and 600-cell are truly one-of-a-kind works of art. Created with the help of computer aided design and an Axidraw V3 pen plotter, these drawings showcase the beauty and complexity of these sacred geometric figures.

Each drawing is a true testament to the artist's talent and attention to detail. The intricate designs and patterns have been carefully crafted, using precise lines and curves to create a sense of depth and movement that is truly mesmerizing.

But these drawings are more than just beautiful pieces of art - they are also a testament to the intersection of art and science. The 120-cell and 600-cell are complex geometric figures that are challenging to visualize and understand. These technical drawings provide a unique and detailed look at these figures, inviting contemplation and reflection on the mysteries of the universe.

These detailed pen on paper technical drawings are a must-have for any collector of fine art or anyone interested in mathematics and the intersection of art and science. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of art history.


400 Series Heavyweight Printmaking Paper (280g/m²), Black Ink (technical pen)

(frame not included)

Designed by Pardesco in 2022

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