Fractal Wall Art

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Fractal Wall Art

fractal artwork

“Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules which are repeated without end.” – Benoît Mandelbröt  1924-2010

What are examples of fractals?

Fractals in Mathematics: Fractals are a rough geometric shape that can be split into parts, each part being roughly a reduced size version of the whole, this property is known as self-similarity. 

Examples of fractals in mathematics include: 

  • Koch snowflake
  • Sierpiński triangle
  • Peano curve
  • Mandelbrot set
  • Dragon curve
  • De Rham curve
  • Newton fractal
  • Gosper cuve

Fractals in Nature: Fractal geometry is stunning and exists throughout the natural world. Phenomena such as lightning bolts, river networks and even galaxies contain fractals. Trees are one of the best examples of a fractal, branching out in the most delightful ways. 

Examples of fractals in nature:

  • Romanesco broccoli
  • Salt flats
  • Dendrite crystal
  • Mountains
  • Ferns
  • Clouds
  • Leaves
  • Lightning
  • Snowflakes

What is the most famous fractal?

The Mandelbrot Set - Benoit Mandelbrot is often cited as the “father of fractal geometry” for the pioneering use of computers for research. In 1982 he released his book “The Fractal Geometry of Nature” altering the field of applied mathematics. 

The complex shape of the Mandelbrot set was only revealed through the use of computer calculations, allowing for millions of iterations that were unfeasible to plot by hand. 

Original Fractal Artwork for sale

Browse our selection of one of a kind fractal carvings created using advanced computer renderings, dozens of hours of CNC milling and hand finished - the results are truly stunning. 

'Mandelbrot' | 18 in. x 24 in.

Mandelbrot fractal wall art


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