Sacred Geometry NFT

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Sacred Geometry NFTs

A collection of Sacred Geometry NFTs minted on Ethereum. This is part of an original collection on opensea: Sacred Geometry I, created by Pardesco (pardesco.eth)

I have been selling sacred geometry art since 2018 and now am now offering a limited edition NFT collection in 2022. 

Sacred Geometry NFT #1: dodecaplex

dodecaplex original artwork by pardesco

Available on opensea 

Original Artwork by Pardesco

My first NFT titled "dodecaplex" is a detailed projection of a regular 4-polytope. It can be thought of as a four dimensional dodecahedron.

Its unique blend of highly saturated color and projected 4 dimensional geometry marks the beginning of my journey as an NFT artist. 

Sacred Geometry NFT #2: tetraplex


Available on opensea

Second in the Sacred Geometry I collection is this NFT titled "tetraplex".