Artist Statement

Greetings, I am Pardesco, a navigator of the digital renaissance where art evolves through the pulse of new media technologies. My odyssey in art is a tapestry of new media, AI innovations, generative processes, and computational aesthetics, all harmonized with the timeless dance of sacred geometry.

Within my studio, sacred geometry is not just an ancient language of symmetry and proportion—it's the seed from which my digital grove springs forth. I employ the precision of computer graphics, the fluidity of computer animation, and the boundlessness of virtual art to sow the seeds of my creations.

The frontier of AI Art has unfolded new horizons for my work. Here, neural networks are my co-creators; together, we generate art that narrates the burgeoning symbiosis between human intuition and machine intelligence. These collaborative pieces are not merely generated; they are born from a dance of algorithmic grace and artistic vision.

Generative Art has beckoned me to relinquish some control, allowing autonomous systems to introduce an element of the unpredictable. This art form blossoms in a space where chaos and order coexist, creating visual symphonies that could only emerge from the confluence of technology and chance.

Through the lens of Computational Art, my studio becomes an alchemist's lab, where code is the philosopher's stone. Programming and algorithmic manipulation are my tools of transmutation, turning digital matter into visual gold.

As a Transhumanist Artist, I delve into the narrative of our collective evolution. My pieces are reflections on our ascent towards a fusion with technology, contemplating the augmentation of our biological selves. They are echoes of a future where art and life are indistinguishable, where the canvas stretches far beyond the physical, into realms of augmented realities and beyond.

The thread that weaves through my entire body of work is an exploration of what it means to be human in an era of unfathomable digital potential. It is an invitation to journey with me—to gaze upon the art that dwells at the nexus of imagination and artificial intelligence, to witness the genesis of a new human experience.

As we stand on the cusp of a new epoch, my art is a beacon, casting light on the path to a future where humanity and technology converge in a symphony of creation. Join me, Pardesco, in this adventure, and let us together chart a course through the constellation of new media artistry.

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